Saturday, January 22

PediaSure/PediaSure Sidekicks Try Me Free Rebate

Just wanted to give all of you a heads-up that there is a PediaSure/PediaSure Sidekicks Try Me Free Rebate that starts tomorrow, January 23rd. In addition, there is a $3/1 coupon found here (scroll down to bottom and sign up for newsletter) that will make your out of pocket expense even less! I included this rebate and coupon in the CVS weekly deals for next week but wanted to highlight the rebate in its own post since many of you do not have a CVS nearby.

Here are all the details…
* Buy one 6-pack of PediaSure or one 4-pack of PediaSure SideKicks
* Fill out the rebate form found here and click “Confirm.”
* Print the completed rebate form.
* Include your original, dated cash register receipt with the PediaSure or PediaSure SideKicks purchase price circled.
* Write the UPC number on the receipt.
* Mail Completed Rebate Form and Receipt to: Inmar Rebate Center, Attn: PediaSure Mail-In Rebate Offer Program #: PEDIA11, P.O. BOX 426022, Del Rio, TX 78842-6022

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