Friday, February 11

$50 Worth Of Merchandise From Macy’s For Only $25

Do you have a MasterCard card?  If so, RUN over to the  MasterCard MarketPlace  and be ready to receive $50 worth of merchandise from Macy’s for only $25 with statement credit!  There is a limit of only 400 so these will go quickly.
MasterCard Marketplace has overwhelming offers each day beginning at 12 Noon EST.  They always sell out in minutes so you will want to be there ready to press buy when the offer goes live.  By signing up at MasterCard MarketPlace, you will receive an alert about 30 minutes ahead of time so that you will know if it is an offer that you want to snag.
Previous overwhelming offers have been:
$50 Home Depot Gift Card for $25
Nook Wi-Fi and Jack Regularly Priced at $234 for $120 (drat, I wasn’t fast enough!)
$50 Barnes & Noble Gift Card for $25
$50 Sephora product for $25

There are always a low number available and they ALWAYS go quickly. 
Head over to the MarketPlace early so you can click “buy” when the offer goes live.

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