Saturday, February 5

ING – Easiest $50 You’ll Ever Make!

Click here to start saving with ING DIRECT!I
f you haven’t taken advantage of this yet, you can still get $50 when you open a NEW ING Direct Electric Orange Checking account! We have been using ING for years and love them.
1- Just click on “APPLY NOW” in the ING DIRECT logo to the left.
2 – Click on the ING Logo at the top left of the page & you’ll see the information on the $50 credit for new accounts.
3 – Click on “Get Started” to open your Electric Orange account. It’s 100% FREE, with no minimum required. You can start your account with just $5!
4 – Make just (3) card purchases with your NEW ING Debit card within 45 days of opening your account and your $50 will be credited on day 50!
There are no monthly fees and no ATM surcharges.  That’s it, the easiest $50 you’ll ever make, Click on “Apply Now” to learn more!

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