Thursday, April 28

FREE Propel @ Walmart, Did U know?

Ok, I know sometimes I have a little delayed reaction to deals but this one is crazy, I had no idea that Propel was $.50 at Walmart this week, that's all I drink! So I ran down stairs to the massive coupon room and found about 100 bundles of the Smart Source from 2/13 that have the $1.00/2 Coupons,  and cut, cut, cut...and ran and hopped every Walmart looking for the Blue One's's the worst thing I love the Propel Blueberry Pomegrante and all the Walmarts were out of that one. Apparently that's everyone's favorite.. So Sad...So any who..anyone that is local in the area that needs these coupons for Propel (2/13 SS) feel free to shoot me an email ..I have way to many ..didn't realize I had kept a hold of so many ...they don't expire until 5/31

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