Friday, May 27

We're Attending School!

I wanted to start out by letting you all know I realize my blogging has been slow, deals haven't been posted this week like I usually do. My husband and I have been unemployed since Christmas Eve, when we closed the store down and it's been a tough couple of months. We received some information stating that since he was a Disabled Veteran he could go to school for free and they would actually pay him to go as well. Then I received a letter stating that since I am unemployed, I could go to school for free as well. We jumped at it, what an opportunity! We're both continuing to work on our Degrees in Criminal Science. If you can only bear with me through this. I love blogging, sharing deals and getting stuff for free but It's gonna be a little slower for a bit. Thanks for your support. I really do have a lot of wonderful bloggies! Keep us in your prayers! We're doing a lot of juggling 'round here.

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