Tuesday, May 10

Did you find Tylenol Precise??

I have to say you can definitely tell there are some heavy couponers out there..let me tell you why..
I have been couponing since 2002. I am an avid couponer and I take it very seriously. I shop each and every day and I do NOT EVER purchase anything without a coupon. My family now survives off my couponing my husband and I closed our business (that we've had since 2001) on Christmas Eve due to the economy and needless to say we are making it ..by the grace of god and coupons. Any who..Before Nathan began We Use Coupons and showed everyone on earth how to do Extreme Couponing it was sooooo much easier. Now it seems everywhere I go everything is GONE.. I was so excited to see the Tylenol $5 coupon that was released this past Sunday because I knew it was gonna be free just about everywhere...and it was. I trucked around town from 8:00 this morning til 1:00 and couldn't find a single one at any Walgreen's or any Rite Aid..however here it is at 8:05 on a Tuesday Night and I walked in Walmart showed them my Walgreen's ad and WALA PRICE MATCH!! I was able to score 4. 
So, today I learned a few things 
A. Chester has some Great Dedicated Couponers and 
B. When in doubt PRICE MATCH!! LOL 

Has anyone had any luck price matching the Clean and Clear Body Wash @ Walmart with the BOGO Coupons, yet?? I'm curious if it would work??

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  1. hi you helped me eariler with some question, thanks so much. this is the like I got my $5 coupons.. hope this helps.

    Austin TX


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